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Like life, you start out each play never knowing if you’ll get through the level with one take or if you’ll need several stabs at it. What you do know is strategy. And even then, it’s kinda complicated. The wise ones know that when the game doesn’t seem to be in their favor despite many tries, the best thing to do is to take a deep breathe, step away from the device for a moment and find something to do. Go give your cat a massage, get your tires rotated, or bake buy your favorite cake or whatever.

Good morning! Welcome to Café Hope on Mondays. I had a fantastic week and a more fantastic weekend. The only qualm I had this week was with the geese I share oxygen with. These kids quacked all day everyday. They’d quack me up in the morning, and when I got back from work they’d still be quacking only now in pairs, and then at night, when most carbon-based creatures are asleep, they’d still be quacking. It never seemed to end. Upon discussion with a total stranger about my geese situation, I found out that the Migratory Birds Treaty Act federally…

When last did incessantly worrying about a problem produce a solution? Everything always works out somehow and we don’t always know how. In fact, the ‘how’ is not your business. The process by which your requests materialize is the Father’s responsibility not yours. Instead of worrying, channel that energy into praying about the situation as often as possible.

“Look to your right. Tell me what you see.” He said.

Intent on getting this right I peered outside what I knew was my window and voila! Even in the darkness, I made out two yellow lines marked along the side of the road.

“I see yellow lines!” I bobbed in my seat with excitement.

“Good. See those yellow lines, just keep your eyes on them and drive. It will lead you to your destination. That’s your focus, never take your eyes off it.”

“Why two yellow lines?” I asked. “Why couldn’t it be red or blue or three?” I probed.

“The yellow lines represent hope and patience. So remain hopeful and wait. You’ll get there eventually.”