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As 2014 comes to a close, I reflect on the many challenges and successes that came my way and I realize that the folks whom I call friends played a significant part in shaping my year. I want to say a resounding thank you to these wonderful individuals, particularly the ones in my inner caucus who lended their ears and shoulders when I needed it the most. Thank you for encouraging and supporting me when I was cloyed with self-doubt and wanted desperately to quit. When my psyche was broken and I wanted to run away from everything and succumb…

As 2014 accelerates to a close and we prepare to herald the New Year with our many resolutions, the specter of failure and disappointment looms for many. We set out resolved and determined to accomplish many goals. I heralded the New Year with a new mantra, “Attack your day with enthusiasm.” By July, enthusiasm got bored and started attacking me instead. By October, I was hard pressed. I wouldn’t have recognized enthusiasm if it sat on my face.

A very happy 2014 to you! I pray this year will be more amazing and glorious than 2013 in Jesus’ name. As we start off this New Year, I hope we’ve taken time to reflect on words we spoke in the previous year, and marinate on the consequences of it all. On average, were the words you spewed out, T-TRUE H-HELPFUL I- INSPIRING N-NECESSARY K- KIND to others and to your person?