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Now standing in front of 1300, she pressed the bell and waited. No patter of the guard’s running feet. She unraveled the end of her hijab and wiped sweat off her upper lip with the thin fabric. She tried the bell again and peeked through the partition. No sound. She turned around and walked to the tree.

“Sabah al khair,” she greeted the chai vendor, “Do you happen to know if there’s anybody at home?”

“Mafeesh, I just got here,” she answered regretfully.

“Shukran,” Rose said, thanking her.

Had Bullet relayed wrong information? Afterall, it did strike her odd that an agent would want to work on a Friday, a day people rested from a long arduous week. She pressed the bell once and sustained the ring with a rhythmic pattern.

The gate suddenly flung open, a man whom she guessed was Egyptian Coptic peeked his bald head.

“Fi shinu?” he demanded what she wanted, making no attempt to display his annoyance with the incessant bell ring. Rose quickly looked down, avoiding his gaze.

“I’m here to see Khaleed.”

“Khaleed is not here.”

“But he told me to be here at 7 o’clock and I’ve been here waiting and waiting.”

“Dagiga,” he said, shutting the door. Patience, being a national virtue, Rose did not as much as steal a glance at her watch when he still hadn’t appeared after a minute.

I was saddened to learn of Robin Williams’ death. I was reminded of how pervasive depression has become in our society. We’ve got many, many tormented souls going to work in their power suits, educated and semi-literate, raising kids or not, serving at cash registers or chilling on their multi-million dollar yachts but they have one thing in common—depression. When a person decides to end it all for reasons that are unknown to us, that is a time for people to come together and pray for grace and comfort for the loved ones they left behind. It is not a…

  Can you relate to this story? We met at a mutual friend’s party and we immediately kicked it off. He was charming, gregarious and a bit nerdy. Not only that, he was sane, had no criminal records (that I know of), and he had it together (as far as my eyes could see). Most importantly, we shared similar values and he was a Christian. So, a few weeks later when he officially asked me out you can imagine how thrilled I was that he asked, and him, that I was game. Now a couple of months in… “What do…

I read the jacket of this book and I wonder if the reader in question is the least concerned about having any Tom, Dick and Harry fall in love with him or her. What has the world come to where people employ all kinds of obtuse games to make someone love them?  If you are still single, and you’re a lady and you read stuff like “How to keep him interested” or “How to make him propose” or “How to make him love you” and all the other ridiculous how-to’s, here’s a beautiful read by Kelly Flanagan (whose blog I…