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  Many, many, many moons ago I spotted a black crow as I got on the ramp to merge on the freeway. This harrowing sighting was amplified because there was something sinister about this bird–the way it cast a rather despondent look my way, as though it had been wronged and was looking to avenge a grave misdeed. A black crow, as I believed then, was bad omen and the only piece of information that would dismiss the thought that something terrible was about to happen was a conclusive study that other motorists too had been subjected to the piercing…

Do you know that panicky fear you get when you are about to make a move that will change the trajectory of your life’s path? I call it the Cold Feet of Change, Fear of the Unknown, and Dancing with Mr. What If I Fail. One of my strengths is adaptability. However, the phase between the old and the new remains a very significant place of unrest for me. My mind becomes engorged with fear such that I begin to doubt my capabilities and undermine my own strength. The fear of change almost paralyzes me from taking action and so…

“Look to your right. Tell me what you see.” He said.

Intent on getting this right I peered outside what I knew was my window and voila! Even in the darkness, I made out two yellow lines marked along the side of the road.

“I see yellow lines!” I bobbed in my seat with excitement.

“Good. See those yellow lines, just keep your eyes on them and drive. It will lead you to your destination. That’s your focus, never take your eyes off it.”

“Why two yellow lines?” I asked. “Why couldn’t it be red or blue or three?” I probed.

“The yellow lines represent hope and patience. So remain hopeful and wait. You’ll get there eventually.”