Happy New 2016! So far, it’s been a good year for me with pleasant surprises and good news all the way. As for the quintessential, almost royal pain of affirming a new year resolution, I am undoubtedly staying away like I did in 2015. My immutable goal like always is: To be a better me in every possible way.

Though one thing I’d like to do more this year is to connect physically with new people and, develop more meaningful relationships with my friends. In 2015, I was so busy shielding myself (and recovering) from a bumpy year and I kinda pushed people to the side.

So in Cafe Hope style, if you’re reading this today, I encourage you to seek out opportunities to connect with people. It could be a smile or a nod, or maybe a small banter on the elevator. Whichever way you choose to connect, make your encounter memorable to you and the other party and I guarantee you will be better for it. Oh, and don’t forget to spend quality time with family, even the crazy ones. Welcome to a new year, happy new 2016!