I’m sure you’ve heard the grand jury’s decision to not indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson who killed Michael Brown, an unarmed 18yr old. Ferguson has erupted in protest and the city is pretty much in anarchy over this decision. ¬†Needless to say, the family of Michael Brown must be feeling a vortex of emotions they couldn’t possibly describe. It’s never easy to lose a loved one. It’s also not easy for a city plagued with racial tension to face yet another bold-faced murder of an African-American youth. However, I do believe that the youth ought to take a fair calculation of risk when they encounter a police officer. Nobody’s really saying this but we know that had the skin colors been flipped, so that the police officer was black and the youth in question white, this case would have been resolved swiftly and, the officer might not have have been placed on paid leave, or allowed to return to active duty if not indicted. Period.

What do we do?

It behooves those of us watching the melee unfolding in Ferguson to say a prayer for the deceased family and the people of Ferguson. We should pray that this incident does not cripple opportunities to reconcile race relations in this city. Also, we need to pray that the palpable anger of the people of Ferguson– which has been exacerbated by the grand jury’s decision–will be quelled. Let us pray for the Ferguson police department, the Mayor and the Governor will be doused with wisdom to tackle efficiently the ongoing unrest and even in the aftermath when the dust settles, do everything within their power to ensure something like this never happens.

The Race Tango–Black men and the police

And for the youth in Ferguson and other cities across the nations who reside in communities with stark racial divide to have the wisdom to deal with the police and cooperate with law enforcement in ways that are non-hostile, and propragating the notion that black men are dangerous. How hard really is it to do what a law enforcement officer has ordered you to do–without hesitation?

No colors–A love revolution

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, that cities across the nation be swept with love and, people of color not be treated less differently on the account of their skin color. Oh, and pray that those fools going around looting liquor stores and setting businesses on fire be made to see the error in their ways and stop it right now for goodness’ sake. Sheesh! People…

These are my prayers for Ferguson.